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Comment by Sumeet N Sharma on April 7, 2013 at 8:57pm

I had heard this what i am going to share as a story told to me some 15 years back.., i do not remember who narrated it to me or was it that i read it somewhere or saw it as a movie .. but it stuck into my mind..:

"There was a group of people going in a bus, very suddenly the weather turned very bad, no one ever expected it to turn so bad, with out of no where torrent rain and lightning..., the bus had to just come to a stand still! and then it was even more scary... as every one inside the bus felt as if there was some supernatural power bent on destroying the bus and all inside the bus as the thunder and lightning strikes would just miss the bus and no one was harmed.., but this continued on and on and everyone inside the bus was very scared.., 

One person shared a suggestion he said that he felt that there was just one person in the bus who he felt was destined to be finished and that's why the nature was causing havoc and because the others are not destined to be harmed every one was stuck.. and nature would have its way... so he suggested that one by one people should take turns of going outside the bus... so the one destined would be take care of by Nature and all others would be saved and then everything would be calm he felt! He convinced all and one by one people started to go out of the bus and stood at a distance from the bus, but the storm and lightning strikes grew worse but only just didn't harm anyone, finally it came to the last person.., and in that bus with all the storm happening around and every one scared to death, it seemed to every one that the last person was destined to be finished and they all would then peacefully go back to their homes..., this final person stepped out of the bus and just took few steps away from the bus and BANG a huge stroke of lighting!!!............................................................... and the entire bus was destroyed! ... it was just this person who has destined to be not finished! every one else present who were destined to be finished... they were being saved by the presence of this person!!!!" 

After reading this I had questions: If nature wanted to destroy it could pin point and save just one right it didn't need to do the drama... we have all heard how in various crashes there is just one miraculous survivor!...,  Or can it be that a "One" can be the reason of delay of the end of many others? or as was thought by the man in the story... can "One" be the cause of bringing on the destruction of many others before time!? .... I still am searching answers...., but one thing I understand in bold from this story is that ... there is more than just one perspective!

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