Certificate Course in Latin American Business Studies: Applied Law for Business: Expansion, Establishment and Sustenance for Foreign Businesses to enter and operate in – Mexico & Latin American Markets.

Course Code: ALBEES-MLA-2020

Collaboration Driving Dreams International – India & El Buffete Santos Elizondo – Mexico & other Mexican Law Firms

Course Platform: Online on DrivingDreams.in & On Site in Mexico & Latin America


A prestigious Certification for students who successfully complete the Courses.


Betterment in Career with better international Job Opportunities….

Each Student will have their personal profiles on drivingdreams.in and those who successfully complete the course will get to be part of Our “Pool of Latin American / International Legal Talent” which will be introduced to prospective Employers.

Our Target Market: Global – India/Asia ; Europe / Middle-East, North – South America (including Mexico  Latin America)

Ideal for: Lawyers, In-house Counsels, Exports & International Market development Managers of Companies , Equally relevant for Students from India, Asia, Middle-East, Canada, USA, Mexico – Latin America

Duration of the online Course – suggested pace: 3 months – 12 Weeks ( can be attended to at your own pace but must be completed within one year, if undertaken at your own pace, you would probably miss out on the Live Video Conferences which will not be rescheduled)

Includes 30 hours of Live Video Lectures, conferencing

Main Course Content – presented as text along with video Lectures,

All content to be presented both in Spanish and English

Course Fees per student: USD 1200 + taxes as applicable in India and Mexico depending on wherefrom the student is., 33.33% (es decir 400USD) of this cost will be allocated to the team of Educators as their revenue share per student.

The rest will be allocated towards promotion and admin costs.

We will start slow and be steady.. we want to start with a batch of 15 students from across the world, of course we will try to keep them in the same time zone of Mexico day time. As we progress student batches would grow bigger to accommodate 100+ students..

Ideal pace of Course – 5 hours / week for 12 Weeks – 3 Months 60 Hours of content engagement.

For Onsite Experience: To Plan 


Course content to include Extensive Links repository:

  1. Third party Learn Spanish online – free… (YouTube) Recommended
  2. Country reports Study provided by the US government
  3. Mexico Legal system links
  4. And many more relevant.. .

Purpose of the Course…

To adequately educate and equip the legal practitioners (from India or other countries including USA , Mexico, Latin America, Canada, Europe , Asia, China etc..): be it a private practice lawyer/law firm or an in-house legal counsel to give correct advice to their clients/company regarding their business expansion and preliminary operations to the countries of Mexico & other countries in Latin America

Thus equipped the certified lawyers will be able to guide their clients/companies about the local Mexican commercial compliances, due-diligence, commercial agreements and intellectual property rights related aspects, in collaboration with the certifying Law firm ( or collaborative of select law firms of Mexico) such that when actual execution or implementation of legal actions is required these students  have access to these select premier law firms for execution.

Basic Overview of the course…

  1. Explaining why Mexico is the Gate way to the rest of Latin America for the rest of the world in the commercial sense…
  2. Mexico is in North America and so have strong commercial ties and interexchange with USA, but culturally it belongs to the rest of central and South America
  3. Introduction to the legal system of Mexico
  4. What all awareness is necessary for a foreign company/business/investor when intending to offer its products and solutions to the Mexican Market Or explore investment and JV / collaboration opportunities in Mexico






Please Study these USA Government Links about Mexico:

https://www.trade.gov/ccg-landing-page ,

 https://www.trade.gov/knowledge-product/exporting-mexico-market-overview?section-nav=4702 ,



Taking guidelines from the above US Government links, but our course should offer more intensive knowledge about Mexico for International Businesses wanting to offer products to the Mexican Market, to use Mexico as the launch pad to launch their products into the rest of the latin American countries

  1. Basic knowledge of Intellectual Property related aspects in Mexico & Latin America
  2. Basic knowledge about Agreements and Contracts and the rights and liabilities arising owing to such agreements / contracts in Mexico or with Mexican entities
  3. Business establishment Key facilities and infrastructure in Mexico
  4. Investor’s repatriation of Dividends aspects
  5. Legal and business strategy regarding Business establishment and employee setup , or JV, Agency arrangements, with reasons..,
  6. Immigration aspects – Investor VISA – Work VISA
  7. Finally Product wise Legal Compliances overview -
  8. Self learn working knowledge of Spanish the official language in most of Latin American countries.


Career betterment for students who take this course

COMMON JOB Opportunities

  • Archivist
  • Civil services employee
  • Foreign service officer
  • Government agency administrator
  • Import/export specialist
  • In-house legal advisors
  • International correspondent
  • International student coordinator
  • International trade specialist
  • Journalist
  • Language professor
  • Linguist
  • Public policy specialist
  • Technical writer
  • Translator
  • … many more …


Employment of people with Latin American Legal studies certified knowledge is projected to grow steadily with ever increasing trade collaboration between India and Mexico – Latin America as also the world..


You need to be a member of Certificate Course in Studies Applied for Business: Expansion, Establishment, Sustenance, legal aspects and compliances for Foreign Businesses to enter and operate in – Mexico & Latin American Markets to add comments!

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