Key Questions Answered

Key Questions Answered

1. Question: Why are we selling part of our IP

                  Answer: To fuel and drive our operational needs and grow our IP to higher value appreciation.

2. Question: How is your IP valued

                    Answer: Past Time & Talent Cost invested since 2004 in creating and nurturing the IP's and its projected business revenue potential over a further 6 year period off which: 33% is being considered as current IP Value.

3. Question: Does buying the Adroit Intellectual Property Cells (AIPCs) give the buyer ownership of shares of the company/Business

                  Answer: NO, acquiring the AIPCs means you have shared ownership of our Intellectual Property, it has got nothing to do with the Shares of our company. AIPC shared ownership program facilitates our business and IP Growth whilst guaranteeing to the acquirer value appreciation as well. Acquiring the AIPCs is under express agreement of buy back after fixed time interval, this guarantees to the acquirer value appreciation and to us (the sellers) guaranteed buy back of full rights on our IPs.

4. Question: What exactly does one acquire when one acquires the AIPCs apart from the right to sell it back to us at appreciated value guaranteed by us

                  Answer: Shared owner ship to intellectual Property works the same way as it would for a real property, for example a car, if you have shared ownership of the car, you own a part right to its utility , not that you own a wheel or the light etc..., in the same way owning AIPCs gives you the right to its value appreciation coming back to you.

5. Question: As an acquirer how do we keep abreast of developments and progress relating to the IPs business growth 

                  Answer: You can only acquire AIPCs if you are invited by an existing member of the IP platform for all our existing and future IPs, we record and update progress on all our IPs on and acquirers can keep abreast of the developments.

6. Question: Can the Acquirers contribute by giving suggestions or helping in new business development?

                  Answer: Sure we welcome suggestions and will be happy to discuss them with you, the sole decision whether to accept involvement of acquirers or their suggestions in business activities is ours.

7. Question: How is the referral commission tracked.

                  Answer: each AIPC acquirer gets a unique referral code, new members can only join the program if they are invited by existing AIPC acquirers, while joining and acquiring AIPCs such new members will have to input the referral code, thus the referral commission is secured and paid to the concerned Acquirer member when it accrues to a minimum of 500 USD. when required to be wire transferred to their bank account. Acquirer members can choose to get paid to their paypal accounts as well in which case there is no minimum threshold.

8. Question: What are the terms of Acquiring the AIPCs and how will the Buy back function

Answer: The ownership and its value appreciation through buy back is governed by the AIPC Acquiring & Buy Back Agreement executed electronically between the company Adroit In Media Private Limited and the acquirer. It is binding to both the acquirer and Seller the moment the Acquirer acquires the AIPCs. The Buy back Guarantee is explained in this Agreement


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