ALITPO - America Latina India Trade Promotion Organization –Supporting & Serving SME’S from the world over – to Expand your Export- Sales Territory to Mexico & Entire Latin America & India!

Exclusively inviting "Made in India" Products & Services


Showrooms: 90+ from 50Sqm onwards with possible combinations for larger spaces

Retail center: inviting 3000 brands to cover varied categories:

  • FMCG, Processed Foods, Whole grains, Dried herbs & Spices, dried fruits, packaged foods,
  • Wellness and curative,
  • Beauty and health care,
  • Cleaning products,
  • Ready Made Garments, Fashion, utilitarian clothing, camping and travel related,
  • Household linen (bed sheets, pillow cases, blankets, curtains, table cloths, kitchen linen and bathroom linen.),
  • Home decor, home improvement,
  • Hand tools and industrial tools,
  • Stationery and books, toys and recreation, ,
  • Kitchenware, bathroom fittings, lightings and fittings, household appliances,
  • Finished industrial products and few more...,

Each brand is offered 1SqM  floorspace to accommodate a display stand: 6 feet height X 4 feet width X 2 Feet depth.

Yoga & Wellness Center - with Indian teachers rooftop covered 3000 square feet (Brand partnerships invited)

Two Indian roof top Restaurants each 500 Sqm (Brand partnerships invited)

Food Court: 10 "self-serve" restaurants each bringing exclusive individual flavors from India, each admeasuring 200 square feet



Two Avenues to establish Your Brand's presence in Mexico & Latin America: The Privilege of presence at: ALITPO's - India Experience Center

1. Show rooms/dedicated office

Mark your presence at: "The IEC - India Experience Center" - at Monterrey Mexico - a 20000 SqM modern commercial space strategically located in the center of Monterrey!

With Your Show rooms/dedicated office: Establish your business in Mexico at The IEC - reach out to entire Mexico & Entire Latin America, supported by our customized Operations & Management services,
Covers showroom space + dedicated one account Manager for the entire period of 6 years! (a senior relevantly talented sales and marketing professional to build your brand awareness and presence by achieving sales under ALITPO Representation & Commissions contract)

Costs: 10,000 USD / SquareMeter rent for 6 years
Example: 60 SQM show room Costs: 600000 USD ; Equates to just USD 8333.33 per month! 

  • Utilities usage at actuals.
  • Showroom décor and setup as per client's needs and at their cost. 
  • Avail trusted and competent extensive administrative facilities at the IEC India Experience Center at reasonable costs, company formation, all compliances, accounting - legal - payroll all inclusive operations and management contract.

2. Enlist your brand at the Retail Center:

3000 SqM space spread over three floors, attracting and serving the very potential population of over 5million inhabitants of Monterey Metropolitan Area, the location is strategic and the key launch pad for distribution to entire Mexico & Latin America!*

  • 1SQM floor space shelf dimension: "6 Feet height X 2 feet depth X 4 feet width"
  • Listing Fees: USD 20000 for a 6 year period. Renewable under T&Cs. Equates to just approximately rupees 21000 per month!!!
  • Includes: Requisite compliance guidance provided, so that suppliers can get their products to be customized to meet all compliance requirements,
  • Product consignments to be delivered by the suppliers at 60 day net credit terms

    Tentative Launch date "September - October 2024"

Step 1. Express your interest with "Letter of Interest"

Step 2. Receive detailed presentation from us.

Step 3. Give your "Commitment Letter" stipulating dated payments and singing of Representation Agreement.

Key contacts ALITPO (Mexico) - Driving Dreams International (India)

Sumeet Sharma (CEO & Co-Founder : Director); Cel. (0091) 9820 9983 99
Jorge Pozas Garza ( Co-Founder : Director); Cel. +52 1 81 1619 3306

  • ALITPO México: Cerrada Coapa # 1106, Colonia Prados de la Sierra, C.P. 66230, San Pedro, Garza García, Nuevo León, México,
  • ALITPO India – Driving Dreams International - Mumbai - Bombay, India: A1- 101, Raunak Park, Pokharan Road no.2, Thane– Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Team Mexico - America Latina 

  1. Alfredo Ugalde Maldonado, VP (Colombia)
  2. Martin Garcia, Procurement & Sales Specialist (Mexico)
  3. Jose Diaz, Procurement & Sales Specialist (Mexico)
  4. Gabriela Ortiz Villarreal, Procurement & Sales Specialist (Mexico)
  5. Rafael Arcos, Procurement & Sales Specialist (Mexico)
  6. Eva Giselle Segundo Zavala, Procurement & Sales Specialist (Mexico)
  7. Miguel Sanz Arana Legaristi, Procurement & Sales Specialist (Mexico - Spain)
  8. Juan Antonio Leyva Gómez, Procurement & Sales Specialist (Mexico) 
  9. Luis Felipe, Procurement Specialist -& Sales  (Venezuela)
  10. Hugo Ricardo Ibarzábal Guerrero Procurement & Sales Specialist (Mexico)
  11. Javier Ibarguengoitia Ochoa Procurement & Sales Specialist (Mexico)
  12. VICTOR RAFAEL ALVAREZ ARROYO Procurement & Sales Specialist (Mexico)
  13. Marcelo Santos Procurement & Sales Specialist (Brazil)
  14. Victor Manuel Alonso Monroy Procurement & Sales Specialist (Mexico)
  15. Jorge Guzman Procurement & Sales Specialist (Mexico)
  16. Carlos Vidal Serrano Procurement & Sales Specialist (Mexico)

Team India

  1. K.N.B Iyer, Sr. Consultant Business Development India
  2. Srijai Raman, Sr. Vice President - Vendor Development India 
  3. Abhishek Singh Associate Vice President - Vendor Development India
  4. Sudhir Soni Associate Vice President - Vendor Development India
  5. Dr. Mukul Rajput Associate Vice President - Vendor Development India
  6. Rohit Singla Associate Vice President - Vendor Development India
  7. Pradyumna Raju Associate Vice President - Vendor Development India
  8. Tirthadeep Kundu Associate Vice President - Vendor Development India
  9. Shubhanjali Singh Associate Vice President - Vendor Development India
  10. M.Hyma Latha Associate Business Development India




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