ALITPO - America Latina India Trade Promotion Organization –Supporting & Serving Indian SME’S – to Expand your Export- Sales Territory to Mexico & Entire Latin America

Dear Indian Entrepreneur:
We invite you to benefit from our IMETPI – (India Mexico Export Trade Promotion Initiative’s): Export Market Development service for Indian manufacturer’s products and services to grow their businesses to Mexico and all across Latin America!
We are the: America Latina India Trade Promotion Organization ( ALITPO ), 
based at Monterrey - San Pedro Garza Garcia - Nuevo Leon - Mexico. We have strong presence in Mexico and all across Latin America, and we are exclusively represented in India by Driving Dreams International based at Thane - Mumbai. 
We serve to facilitate bilateral trade growth between INDIA and MEXICO – LATIN AMERICA!
Our efforts and our events will result in:
  • Your products and services export to Mexico & Latin America!
  • Your Brand and Business establishment at Mexico and Latin America!
Mexico is a very diverse and huge market, more importantly it is strategically the gateway to tap the entire Latin American markets with comfort of much needed safety and security.
1.     Year 2017-18 saw Mexico - Latin America import 30 Billion USD from India, which is just 10% of their total imports!
2.    There exists a very good Export market potential for your products and services in Mexico & all across Latin America,
3.    Mexico – Latin America are prime markup markets for Indian manufactured products and services.
4.   Indian Sourced products & Services very much serve the need of local end product manufacturers, re-sellers, distributors and dealers who are always looking at and welcoming connects for product sourcing which helps them increase their profit margins.,
To Understand the Market Potential of Mexico:
Mexico is a very diverse and huge market, more importantly it is strategically the gateway to tap the entire Latin American markets with much needed safety and security.
We invite your attention to these very relevant facts and statistics which will help you better understand the potential of Mexico for your products and services...
Key reasons why relevant Indian companies should consider exporting to Mexico:
  1. Mexico is the 15th largest economy in the world.
  2. Given Mexico’s large, diversified market, most Indian products can be sold successfully, since it is a member of NAFTA and MERCOSUR thus becoming the most strategic location in the American continent.
  3. Mexico continues to experience stable economic growth.
  4. Recent economic reforms have liberalized key sectors including: Consumer goods, energy and telecommunications, creating market opportunities.
  5. Mexico’s USD 1.1 trillion economy makes it the second largest economy in Latin America and the 15th largest economy in the world. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently revised the country’s estimated real GDP growth from 1.9 percent to 2.1 percent in 2018.
  6. Today, many Indian manufactured products are exported to Mexico with 2017-18 counting 12 billion USD worth of exports from India to Mexico.
  7. Traditionally the leading sectors for Indian exports to Mexico have been: Automobiles, Auto-components, Engineered components, Machinery, Special Purpose Machines, Pharma & Chemicals, Plastics and Resins, Textiles and apparels.
  8. Mexico is a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), the G-20, and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Mexico has more free trade agreements (FTAs) than any other country in the world—12 FTAs covering 46 countries—which include the European Union, European Free Trade Area, Japan, the Pacific Alliance, Israel, and ten countries in Latin America. On March 8, 2018, 11 Asia Pacific countries including Mexico signed the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP, formerly known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership). The Mexican Senate ratified this agreement April 24, 2018. For Indian exporters, Mexico’s participation in these international agreements means that in general the Mexican market is one of the most open and competitive in the world.
  9. Mexico is the most populous Spanish speaking country in the world.
  10. Seventy-nine percent of its 125 million inhabitants live in urban areas.
  11. Ten percent of the population is considered wealthy and about 44 percent lives in poverty.
  12. The remaining 46 percent of the population is considered middle class.
  13. Mexico has a very young population with a median age of 28.
  14. It offers a large market with a GDP estimated by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) of approximately USD 1.1 trillion, and a 2017 estimated per-capita income of USD 9,304 (or USD 19,900 on purchasing power parity basis). There is a large manufacturing base in a wide range of sectors.
  15. Mexico is ranked in the top 10 markets in the world for Consumer goods, Cosmetics, Personal care and Home improvement products, and it continues to be the second-largest market for beauty products in Latin America. Due to a strengthening economy and a variety of both domestic and imported brand.
We work by offering exclusive representation to Mexico & entire Latin America for our Indian Manufacturers at a pre-defined % in all sales achieved. 
To support our Indian SME Manufacturers, we serve them by bearing our operational costs, with just a one-time registration charge of INR 75,000/- plus GST @18%.
About our Export Market Development (EMD) Service
Our basic "Export Market Development Service", in addition to business growth appreciation, offers:
  1. A represented prestigious office address at ALITPO – Monterrey Mexico,
  2. Information about your product and service capability reached out to prospective buyers in Mexico and Latin America and available for search on our web portal by prospective buyers, regularly invited and registered to our Web-portal,
  3. Individual and Company Profile on our Web portal ( with personalized domain name,
  4. Access to export inquiries posted on for Mexico and Latin American Region,
  5. Complete assistance in following up sourcing requirements
  6. Complete end to end co-ordination.
The moment you register for our EMD Service: You get to create your personal and company profile on our web-portal, create your profile and upload your product details with correct nomenclatures so that your prospective buyers can find you when they search for your products and services on our web-portal.
Facilitating Export Orders (FEO)
Once you complete registration and signing of agreement, then depending on the level of service opted by you: Our team in Mexico supported by you understands your products, then identifies and initiates contact with prospective buyers in Mexico and all across Latin America,. We reach out your product information to prospective buyers, and using our good credentials in Mexico to leverage and motivate the buyers in Mexico: educating them about your products and attracting them with the promise of good quality and competitive pricing. In today's competitive world every Manufacturer/Buyer is concerned about increasing their profit margins without compromising on product quality. We then serve you to complete the deal with your prospective buyers and continue market development for your products and services in Mexico and Latin America.
For our FEO and continued market development service we charge a pre-defined commission on each order achieved and serviced. This differs very much across different product sectors and is decided on each individual representation beforehand under a comprehensive and detailed Agreement. We are the only entity serving Indian Manufacturers with 100% transparency, we are the only entity that makes aware the Indian manufacturer about the factual price mark ups available in Mexico and Latin America and we share in equal proportion with our Indian Manufacturer the incremental mark-ups that we are able to achieve with our influence and presence. We have successful examples of having achieved this. 
FOR LARGE COMPANIES: To meet the business development requirements of Large companies we also offer an exclusive Account Manager, a professional appointed by us on our payroll dedicated to exclusively work on the respective client's product portfolio, this is charged at a monthly cost of USD 2750.00 when paid to ALITPO Mexico or Indian Rupees 1,75,000.00 + 18% GST when paid to Driving Dreams International India
The minimum period a client can choose is one month to opt for a personal and exclusive account manager.
This account manager's cost is in addition to the commission structure agreed between ALITPO Driving Dreams & the Client (Indian Manufacturer), this is ideal for Large Companies for whom it is an cost attractive and fixed investment towards their business development to Mexico & Latin America.
For companies wanting a dedicated Marketing Department based in Mexico exclusively working for them: we offer fixed monthly retainers starting from USD 7500/- + a percentage in all sales. This dedicated and exclusive business development service is designed to meet the need of large scale Indian companies and is tailor-made to suit their specific requirements like number of dedicated employees, office space, warehousing facilities, other business and legal services combined.
In the basic service representation which is offered for Indian SMEs as a one time registration cost we do not offer a reporting mechanism, in this we make the manufacturers aware of prospective buyers inquiries only when we have them confirmed and received from the prospective relevant buyers. 
  • In the basic service representation which is offered exclusively for Indian SMEs, we work for our clients at our own cost and on our own time schedule.
  • The one time registration cost is not the cost of our service nor the cost of our operations, yes it definitely does help us to meet a small portion of our costs. 
  • With the registration and signing the contract we include the Indian Manufacturer in the portfolio of products we represent and continue our work in growing the exports of all these products we represent to Mexico & Latin America.
Explaining Product technicalities about their products to prospective buyers in Mexico and Latin America is the manufacturer’s responsibility, team ALITPO armed with basic correct education about the manufacturer’s products serves to identify and motivate the buyers into being interested to know about the benefits of sourcing from India. We concentrate in seeking correct information from our Manufacturers about their products and thus educate our team works to make the right connections. What we primarily want to know from the Indian manufacturer is who buys their products and what its applications (end use) are. Of course we seek technical details and pricing upfront so that right from our first introduction we are well aware about the products. Being educated about the price helps us to place the product price in Mexico at prevalent market prices and thus optimize our earnings along with our manufacturer.
The objective of ALIPTO is to serve and represent across all sectors of manufacturing from India to facilitate growth of their exports to Mexico and Latin America. In this we will keep expanding our work force of sourcing representatives in Mexico to include talented professionals from relevant fields who have in-depth knowledge and existing connects in respective industries so that we can achieve sales for the clients that we represent earlier the better. For our Indian client, it is only in the completion of orders that we will earn and recover our time invested in working for them.
We recognize that any effort to be undertaken in Mexico and Latin America by an Indian Manufacturer or for that matter of any foreign country is burdened with huge costs and this is the pain that we “ALITPO” are here to alleviate in a mutually beneficial long term business relationship.
Once we have basic understanding about the product and its industry sector, also its “application – end use”, we begin the search for prospective buyers, and we are happy to share these results with our Indian Manufacturer Clients but there is no strict timeline for this, as a general benchmark: from the stage of understanding about your products to beginning the first search of prospects in Mexico and beginning to communicate with these buyers should be accomplished from between 3 to 6 months. As we receive confirmation of interest from the buyers about the manufactures products only then we make aware the manufacturer of this interest and requirement. We then seek prompt involvement of the manufacturer to serve such requirements, thus working together towards achieving a breakthrough in sales as early as possible. It is our presence and good influence in Mexico with which we motivate the buyers to look at sourcing from India as a viable alternative because the quality offered by our select manufacturers is at par or better and yet the price just and attractive.
We have identified the following key sectors of manufacturing from India which have good potential for exports to Mexico & Latin America. . 
• Aerospace     
• Agribusiness : Agricultural implements, Machinery,
• Automotive parts & supplies and engineered components,  Special Purpose Machines, OEMs
• Consumer Goods & FMCG 
• Cosmetics     
• Education & Training     
• Electric Power and Renewable  Energy    , Electric Vehicles
• Electronics OEMs, Products 
• Environmental technologies     
• Foot Wear and feet fashion related
• Healthcare products & services     
• Home décor, Home improvements and Furnishings
• Indian fashion
• Indian snack foods    
• Industrial Machinery - Industrial Automation
• Kitchen Equipment, Kitchen Machinery, Utensils
• Material Handling Equipment
• Medical devices     
• Oil & gas     
• Packaging machinery industry     
• Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food Processing related Machinery and accessories
• Plastics & resins     all related sectors
• Pumps and Motors related equipment 
• Safety & security     
• Software development     
• Telecommunications equipment     
• Textiles: Chemicals & Dyes, Accessories and Machinery, Apparel, Fashion, RMG
• Transportation infrastructure equipment & services     
• Travel & tourism     
• Water & waste treatment systems
•  Material handling equipment   
•  Pharmaceutical & Chemical
Note: This is a partial list. Mexico has more potential sectors for Indian manufacturers,. All Sectors will receive a formal evaluation.
Do not miss this opportunity to stake your claim to grow your exports business to Mexico & Latin America!
We are keen to serve you in reaching out to your prospective buyers in Mexico and all across Latin America on mutually beneficial terms, contact us now and our team below will be happy to respond to all your queries and concerns.
Warm regards
Sumeet Sharma   ✆ 9820998399 ( )
Founder - CEO - ALITPO: America Latina India Trade Promotion Organization Facilitating Multilateral trade growth between India and Latin America ( )
Chief Consultant - Driving Dreams International : Legal & Business Consulting Services ( )
Facilitating Multilateral trade growth between India and Latin America
To help you grow your business is our business! ©
Introducing our core-team in Mexico
Mr. Sumeet Sharma and Mr. Jorge Pozas are the Co-Founders of ALITPO, Mexico. Our core team in Mexico comprises highly experienced senior professionals who are our advisors and influencers:
Mr. Sumeet Sharma has garnered more than 2 decades intense experience of international business and Corporate legal works experience and expertise in Mexico and Latin American business development. He is widely travelled across the world and has put to use his enriching experiences.
Mr. Jorge Pozas has garnered more than 3 decades of Experience in top management position of various Mexican and international companies growing and nurturing their businesses. He is widely travelled and extensively connected in Mexico.
Ms Ileana Torres, who has worked at various senior management levels in the Public and Private sector and Government Trade Promotion Organizations of Mexico.
Ms. Alejandra Diaz, is a management professional with extensive experience of 20+ years in the corporate sector and in the Government of Mexico at very senior levels.
Mrs. Sarahi Zambrano is an entrepreneur business woman with hard core sales experience and a large team of sales representatives spread all over Mexico.
Mr. Martin Garcia, Procurement Specialist - Mexico & Latin America
Mr. Jose Diaz , Procurement Specialist - Mexico & Latin America
Mr. Jose Vazquez, Procurement Specialist - Mexico & Latin America
Mr. Rafael Arcos, Procurement Specialist - Mexico & Latin America
In India ALITPO is exclusively represented by Driving Dreams International and working for ALITPO we have the following team in India
Mr. Sumeet Sharma - C.E.O Director
Ms. Sonu Sharma - Director
Mr. K.N.B Iyer - Senior Consultant
Mr. Srijai Raman - Sr. Vice President - Business Development - India 
Ms. Kritika Jalan - Vice President - Business Development - India
Mr. Tirthadeep Kundu Vice President - Business Development - India
Ms. Shubhanjali singh Vice President - Business Development - India
Mr. Harshavardhan Addanki Vice President - Business Development - India
Mr. Jatin Taneja Vice President - Business Development - India
Mr. Shishir Shrivastava Vice President - Business Development - India
Mr. Vikram Singh Associate Vice President - Business Development - India
Mr. Tuneer Chatterjee Associate Vice President - Business Development - India
Mr. Abhishek Singh Associate Vice President - Business Development - India


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