CEO with a Team: Market Potential Study, Market Entry, Business Establishment, Sustaining and Growing your business to Latin America & India.

Warm greetings to you from Mumbai - India. ,
I serve as Co-founder & CEO of ALITPO.MX - America Latina India Trade Promotion Organization , with our registered office at Monterrey Mexico and associate offices and partners across key locations in Latin America.
  • Mexico: Monterrey, Guadalajara, Oxaca, BajaCalifornia, Saltillo, Mexico City
  • Venezuela: Caracas
  • Guatemala : Guatemala City
  • Chile: Santiago de Chile
  • Brazil: Sao Paolo
  • Colombia: Bogota

We are working in Mexico & Latin America for the past 25 years and have developed strong relations, Our team is local and we speak as per the locals their language and we connect and understand the business culture very well, We have built a strong influential team all with the purpose to aid and assist Indian Manufacturers to grow  and sustain their business operations in Latin America.

Our Strength - Our team of influential and knowledgeable people.
We offer varied Operations and Management Services customized to suit the needs of our clients., 
We present ourselves at your service for both consultation and implementation of strategies and executing Works.
Our Consulting Services: 
  1. Full Legal & Compliance,
  2. Facilitating and liaising with local authorities,
  3. Talent sourcing,
  4. Factory Setup: Land - office real estate works for your organization and foreign workforce,
  5. Integrating your team into the local Latin American business culture,
  6. Every other local assistance.
Our Business Services capabilities are in: India, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Guatemala, China, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Russia, UAE, USA, 
We structure our work involvement on two variables:
  1. Time + Operative costs at Actuals, &
  2. Success Fee
  • For Junior partners we charge @ USD 75 per hour, for Associate partners 150 USD per hour and for senior partners we charge USD 350 per hour time involvement is projected in initial discussion with the client customized to suit their work requirement and can also be converted to a fixed cost on a particular time-frame (Like a day, week or a month)
  • Operative costs include all other variable costs, being travel & logistics where relevant, third party costs: be it government fees, compliance related or any other factual costs on the Client's work.
  • The task of the client is put a valuation at the initial discussion., when this task is  achieved within the time frame as stipulated in the scope of work agreement, then a pre-decided % of the Value of the Task is agreed upon as the success fee.
  • Any delays or non-performance by the client are to be excluded and the task is considered achieved and the success fee is due to us. Likewise if the delay and non-performance is attributed to us we loose the success fee in its entirety.
  • Generally we stipulate 20% of the Task Value as the Success FEE.
  • For example: if the Task is valued at 1,000,000 USD, to be achieved within 3 months, when achieved within this time frame makes us eligible for the Success fee of 200,000 USD in addition to the fixed time charge.
  • For the Client introduction we offer 10% introduction charge on both our total net received time charge as also the success fee.


Pre-Structured Services:

"ALITPO.MX" being present in Mexico and across Latin America along with Driving Dreams International - Present all across India together serves manufacturers by offering to them exclusive representation services to grow their exports business to Mexico & entire Latin America and Vice-Versa to INDIA!

We count on a team of  highly influential and experienced Senior professionals having strong connects across all industry sectors and we can be a good asset to you in growing your exports to Mexico & Latin America.

Services For Manufacturers: International Market Development & Export Sales Promotion Services: (Focus LATAM)

1. ENLISTED - Enlisted in our portfolio of represented companies, with a once a month reporting on market development activities : being contacting prospective buyers and introducing to them the manufacturers products and services.

– Rs. 1,50,000 + 18% GST. (USD 2125) per month , with a minimum of 3 months package., totaling Rs. 4,50,000 + 18% GST. 

The buyer's approached by ALITPO representing the Manufacturer during this time will accrue to the account of "ALITPO & DrivingDreams" and all commissions earnings are guaranteed to "ALITPO & DRIVINGDREAMS" as per the Manufacturer representation agreement.

on completion of first 3 months, the manufacturer has the option to renew the contract, the buyers approached during the three month will be kept isolated and attended to for the manufacturer for a period of one year from the date of expiry of the most recent expired contract. After that ALITPO can seek other manufacturer to represent and Manufacturer will also cease to have ALITPO representation and is free to explore the market by themselves.

2. Pro-Active Service Plan Professional fees Ranging from USD 6000 – USD 15000 Per Month depending upon the needs of the manufacturer, minimum one year contract. This has dedicated daily reporting and daily activity of promotion. All Promotional, Compliance and Logistics expenses at actuals to be borne by the Manufacturer. 

3. Visit Assistance (For Exhibitions or Buyer Meets) Service Plan – at each country across Latin America our local associate will accompany the Indian Manufacturer's representative to overcome local language barriers and elicit confidence with local businesses/buyers Fees USD 1500 Per Day + Expenses.

Providing assistance during the business development visit by Indian Manufacturer.

Glimpses of services offered to clients during their visit to Mexico & Latin America for business development.

Below Link

4. Enlisting your product SKUs on our E-store COST: USD 1070 per 5 SKUs (5 Years Listing - 2 updates per year)

  • is linked to Amazon & Walmart USA as we complete 10,000 listings., we have associates in strategic locations around the world promoting our business facilitation services . ., consequently we attract relevant Exporters Importers to explore their business expansion through our platforms
  • we offer intermediation and co-ordination between the sellers and the buyers thereby complementing the much necessary credibility need of both sides.
  • List your 5 most relevant SKUs with extensive details on our e-store for just 1075 USD ( offering now only for the first 1000 listing an amazing 49% OFF pay only USD 549 for 5 years) 
  • We take 5% commission on all sales achieved through our platform
  • Online payment integration available
  • Shipping & Freight Forwarding services integrated
  • You get the HTML codes to and URLs to include on your own websites
  • At minimal cost ensure your exposure supported by our intermediation and co-ordination 

5. Establish your presence at Mexico: We have identified locations and we offer 45 SqM display space fully managed by us,
Our Unique fixed costs offering - Rs. 3 Crores for a 45 SqM space to display products and this includes operations and management and market development - no further operating costs for 5 years. after 5 years the manufacturer if has garnered good results: can continue at the then to be decided operating costs per month (ranging between 10 to 15K USD) or if the manufacturer feels he / she doesn't want to continue can sell back the space to ALITPO and get back assured full Rs. 3 Crores .. ., 

Minimum 100 Indian Manufacturers required each with exclusive products!

  • Uniqueness of all our service offerings : Convenience and Guarantee.
  • Being in our network: Indian Manufacturers can explore the possibilities to invite investments in their businesses from Latin American Businesses. 
Entrepreneurial / Business Monthly Membership to 
(₹ 18000/- per month when paid monthly, ₹ 151,000/- when paid annually - 30% discount) - 
 (10% referral commission forever.)
Membership to DRIVINGDREAMS.IN an ever growing community of avid entrepreneurs from across the world, focused to grow their business with collaboration.

Understanding - International Export Market Business Development Challenges: 

  • Compliance
  • Local Presence - Bilateral Credibility
  • Market Entry: Study & Promotion
  • After Sales
  • Recoveries
Access to following Manuals: (and their regular updates)
  • Legal & Compliance Preparedness : understanding the concepts of Appropriate Disclosure, Disclaimer & Due-Diligence, Identifying and mitigating business risks, understanding and learning the skill of international business communication in light of Legal Compliance whilst protecting business interests.
  • Appropriate communication for protection of IPR in the international markets.
  • Defining and limiting business liability as to intermediaries roles and commissions
(Ready templates - customizations charged)
  1. Templates of Communication with Buyers, intermediaries,
  2. Ready contracts of Sale & Purchase,
  3. Appointment and authorization of Agents with defined roles, responsibilities and liabilities.,
  4. NCNDA ; IMFPA ; 
  5. International Collaborative Agreements - JV's
  6. International terms & Conditions of Sale
  7. Licensing of copyrights, patents, Trademarks,
  8. International Invoicing Template
  9. Shipping & Logistics / Insurance - Key markers.
  10. Acquiring international real estate or international IP 


  • Litigation Strategy 
  • Risk mitigation Strategy
  • International Brand Protection
  • International Business establishment - Company Formation - Factory Setup
  • Arbitration Planning
  • Business Contracts
  • Business Negotiations
  • JVs, Mergers & Acquisitions
We look forward to and are energetic to work together in building your Exports and strengthening your International Business 
We are available for a no obligation and no cost initial talk where we can present to you our value and then strive to serve your organization in many ways for your day to day activities and growth in Latin America.
Warm regards
Sumeet Sharma
Mr. Sumeet Sharma (Mumbai - India)
Co-Founder ALITPO America Latina International Trade Promotion Organization (Monterrey - Mexico) 
Mobile Phone: 00 91 9820 99 83 99
To help you grow your business is our business!©

Mr. Jorge Pozas ( Monterrey - Mexico)
Co-Founder & CEO ALITPO America Latina International Trade Promotion Organization (Monterrey - Mexico)
Mobile Phone: +52 1 81 1619 3306

Mr. Luis Felipe Dominguez Sosa (Caracas -Venezuela)
Sr. Vice- President - South American markets.
Driving Dreams International
Mobile Phone: +58 414-2876002

Mr. Carlos Contreras (Monterrey - Mexico)
Sr. Vice- President – Mexico Procurement Specialist.
Mobile Phone: +52 1 81 2697 6431

Mr. Bernardo Del Valle (Monterrey - Mexico)
Commercial Representative – Mexico Procurement Specialist.
Mobile Phone: +52 1 81 1909 3193

Mr. Sudhir Soni
Sr. Vice President (India Business Development)
Driving Dreams International & ALITPO America Latina International Trade Promotion Organization
E-mail: &
Mobile Phone: +91 99710 24346

Mr. Srijai Raman
Sr. Vice President (India Business Development)
ALITPO America Latina International Trade Promotion Organization (Kochi - India) 
Mobile Phone: +91 99468 60750


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