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Mexico Culture & Customs

Mexico Gift Giving Customs

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Capital: Mexico City

Languages: Spanish, Indigenous Amerindian…


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Miracle Leaf

Hi friends , 

I was having this wonder plant in my house since childhood but I never knew that this plant is having such magical powers in it. It is known by many names like Air plant, Life plant, Mother of thousands, Miracle leaf. In hindi it is known by Patharchattam, Patharchur, Pather Chat, Paan-futti names. In my house i have heard my parents and relatives, even the neighbours calling it Dard mar. I believe they call it by this name because it gives relief in Pain.Its…


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My Dreams

Dear Friends even after being a member of this Community of achievers for so long the DAILY routine gave me no time to contribute to this worthy cause. Many a times I wanted to think of this fabulous opportunity to think and rethink of my DREAMS that drive my LIFE. Every life, and to be very precise, nearly every act of life, is actually driven by a need a dream and all of us just keep going forward towards it's realisation. All What we are and all that we hope to be is actually envisaged in…


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