Illawarra Plum

Its an Australian fruit. A unique dark red berry of the Brown Pine which conveniently grows its stone on the outside of the fruit. It is a semi-tropical tree ranging from New South Wales to Queensland. It is also known as Plum Pine and Brown Pine. The trunk of the tree is upto 1.5mtrs. in diameters. Its Timber is used in wooden works like furniture and boat planking. It is also known as an attractive ornamental tree. For its cultivation it needs moist and rich non-alkaline soil. At any time of the year its seeds ca be sown but with a sandy soil. It grows best in the area where it is damp climate.

It helps in the prevention of cancer. The active ingredients in Illawarra plum may provide an alternative chemoprevention strategy to conventional chemotherapy.This plum, is three times stronger in anti-oxidant activity than our sample of blueberry. If we cut this fruit in half we find that it is packed with pigment.                                 


Nutritional benefits of Illawarra Plum :-

Total Fat  0.3g0%, Saturated Fat  -1g-5%, Cholesterol  -1mg0%, Sodium  -1mg0%, Total Carb   37.8g13%, Dietary Fiber  -1g4%, Sugars  -1g, Protein  0.9g2%, Vitamin A  -0%, Vitamin C  18%, Calcium  -0% Iron   -6%.

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